Urban agriculture

for indoor living spaces


Well-being, proper nourishment
and eco- responsibility

Systèmes VIREO is all about bringing people closer to nature
through an ecological and sustainable approach. It’s about integrating urban agriculture into civilian buildings
through indoor hydroponic gardens. This way we contribute to cities’ innovation
for more modern and green spaces that generate overall well-being.

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Let water do the work !

Hydroponics is simply about growing produce without soil or pesticides, which makes it an ideal solution for all types of interiors. The plants benefit from a constant irrigation rich in nutrients and oxygen. Their growth is fast and the crops are in abundance.



No soil and no pesticide(s).

Nutrient-rich crops.

80%-90% less water needs.


10x yield by square meter than with conventional agriculture.

How does it work?

Is our hydroponic garden ecological?
VIREO aims to offer the most eco-responsible indoor hydroponic gardens. No pesticides or herbicides are used. The closeness of the crops results in very fresh produce and a decrease in waste generation from users. Local production means less transportation and distance between crops and your plate! Our R&D team always innovates ways to reduce impacts on the environment and increase the ecological benefits. We favor local suppliers. We favor local suppliers.
What are the key components of a hydroponic garden?
A hydroponic system includes a hydric system, an electrical system and a structure made out of any water-resistant material. It requires a reservoir, an air pump, a water pump, LED grow lights, hydroponic trays, baskets, growing media and seeds. Typically, a 90 ft2 vertical indoor garden will require a reservoir of 165 liters of water.
Is a water intake line mandatory?
Municipal or well water is recommended. A water intake line is not needed. However, it has proved to be useful for large gardens (20 m2 and up), or to support our clients’ needs.
What are the electrical requirements?
Electricity is needed to activate the pumps and the LED grow lights. Plants need to rest just as humans do. Lights can be turned down
for 8 hours a day.
Who will set up the garden?
VIREO is responsible for the installation and the start-up of the hydroponic system.
What happens to the garden during holidays or prolonged absence?
Our indoor hydroponic garden will remain autonomous for 12 to 15 days. If you plan a long leave of absence, the system can be shut down; remember to harvest the garden and fully clean it. Upon your return, you will have to add growing media and seeds to the garden and the system will restart.
What type of maintenance is required?
VIREO gladly offers an annual maintenance program to all our clients. Otherwise, our indoor hydroponic garden will remain autonomous for 12 to 15 days. After that, water and nutrients must be added. A harvest is done every month and the reservoir must be emptied and replaced with fresh nutrient-rich water. After 6 months, the plants are old and may taste sour. At that time, it is recommended to harvest the whole garden and to clean it. New plants put into the hydroponic trays can be seeded onsite or they may come from the nursery.

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your living space with nature every day.
Live in a green environment, luminous and filled with fresh scents year-round.


work or study in a space that promotes creativity and well-being. Enjoy it for its fresh nourishment, even in winter.


your happiness and your crops daily
with your family, friends, colleagues
and your community.

“The plants look great and are attracting our members’ attention as they ask many questions!”.
Sylvie Ouellet

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